Jewelry Available

$25.00 Vintage Pendant with Silver

$35.00 Agate and Vintage Beads w/Silver

$30.00 Agate

$40.00 Amethyst and Abalone and Gold 

$30.00 Glass Beads with Gold

$25.00. Beach theme with silver shells and starfish.

$40.00 Rose Quartz Glass Beads

$25.00 Crystal beads with scarabs.

$35.00 Vintage Dragon Pendant, Coral

$25.00 Vintage Cake Beads w/Opalite

$20.00 Acrylic Beads

$25,00 Pink Glass with Vintage Pendant

$25.00 Vintage Glass Beads with Silver

$30.00 Vintage and New Glass Beads

$45.00 Set Glass Beads with Opalite

$45.00 Lapis

$20.00 Pink Rhinestone Airplane on Silver

$30.00 Crystals with Removeable Pendant